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Arabella Douglas
BA LLB BBUS(Hons)(1st Class) GDLP GAICD PhD Scholar



Strategic Eloquence





Our Principal Director, Arabella Douglas, is recognised as an expert in handling sensitive and complex business matters, with a public-facing, or political imperative. Arabella is a strategic specialist in providing commercial advice to public and private sector organisations and businesses working with governance improvement, government interaction, and investment management to achieve both economic, political, and social impacts.


Arabella holds BA. LLB, GDLP, BBus (1st class), GAICD and is a PhD (scholar) with over fifteen years in c-suite and as a company director and having direct responsibility of billions of dollars, investors impacts, and social value.  



Exceeding Your Expectations. Douglas and Associates was established to provide its clients with specialist expertise and agility to act efficiently and effectively in a time of crisis.  Its clients are publicly listed companies, directors and other business leaders, politicians, government officals, and private individuals. A unique crisis management service for business leaders. 


Douglas and Associates. We have a progressive approach to offer 'balance and control' solutions through its access to Australia’s best legal experts, media, political, and public relations firm, we pride ourselves on offering a clear path forward. 

The firm can offer specialist services in: commercial disputes, alternative dispute resolution, public authority investigations, inquiries and prosecutions, sensitive legal matters pulling together the right team for the right result for any organisation or party.  


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Independent Director 


Non Executive Directorship

Arabella has a diverse portfolio of non-executive directorships in government, and private enterprise. Some of her current and past appointments include Chair Queensland South Native Title Services, NAISDA Dance College, WAARDI Pty Ltd, Banjima, Morrgul Pty Ltd, Common Ground QLD, Native Native Title Services and Gaming NSW. Arabella is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).





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What I’ve Learned - 'to inspire you must do'




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PhD Scholar 'Race and Investment'

The purpose of the research is to determine how implicit race bias affects investment decision-making in Australia applying nations and cultural values as the moderator.  The research aims to contribute to executive education that protects or prevents reactionary racial bias to make better global leaders. 


The research focus is on determining how actors’ implicit attitudes, motives and strategies influence their leadership principles, skills, and business commitments, moving decisions from 'context bound to context free', when making investment decisions for social impact.

Griffith University QLD   

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